Anno 1908

The building itself has a rich history with many stories told by the people of Workum themselves.
The address Noard 66 goes back to 1658, whereas the foundations of the current building can be traced to 1896.
In 1908 the building was officially opened as a a Liberal Reformed Church.


A home with a B&B

A home with a B&B

In 2019 Esther & Camille move in and turn the rectory into a high end B&B. A month after they open, the TV crew from “Bed and Breakfast” features their brand-new B&B in their popular series on national television. When it’s aired in April 2020, it is watched by over 2 million people.

Later that year Esther and Camille decided to close their B&B for personal reasons. Not because it wasn’t fun, or successful, it was both actually and who knows, maybe B&B Anno 1908 will open their doors once again in the future.

A church becomes a home

A church becomes a home

Late 20th century, the church was transformed into a home. A floor was installed in the middle of the church with bedrooms and a bathroom underneath. Around 2003 Bram van der Zee moves in and makes further modifications and improvements. The church is featured briefly in a Dutch crimi series “Moordvrouwen”.

A church for the community

A church for the community

CIn the 1930’s and 1940’s the building functioned also as a movie theatre. In the 50’s and 60’s the building becomes known as “Ons Gebouw” (Our Building) and regular Sunday school takes place.
In the 70’s it is called ”De Planeet” (the Planet) and hosts the “Miss Planet Election” among others. Later, in the 1980’s and 1990’s the building is renamed as “The Oase” where local youth spent much time together and were disco’s were organized as well.

Anno 1908 a building becomes a church

Anno 1908 a building becomes a church

October 18th, 1908 5pm. Members of District Workum of the protestant union were invited for the initiation of the church. Pastor Muinck Keizer was asked to do the honors.

The architect and construction workers were thanked gracefully for a magnificent job.


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